International Art Projects


Explore our diverse international art projects designed for a global audience. From educational projects to captivating productions and collaborations, these English-language programs celebrate the universal language of art.

Diverse Art Exploration:

Immerse yourself in our global art projects, connecting people worldwide through various artistic genres. Experience the power of art to transcend cultural boundaries.

Education in English:

Join our educational international art projects conducted in English, fostering global perspectives and enriching minds through the universal language of creativity.

Worldwide Artistic Productions:

Experience the beauty of our global artistic productions, from exhibitions to performances. Witness a shared global appreciation for diverse cultural expressions.

Funded International Programs:

Discover impactful EU-funded and other international collaborations that facilitate cultural exchange beyond borders.

Independent Global Collaborations:

Explore independent projects embracing diversity and forging connections worldwide. Experience a kaleidoscope of creative expression thriving on the freedom of artistic exploration.


Celebrate the universal language of art with us. Our global art projects invite you to be part of a community where creativity knows no boundaries.


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Youth exchange erasmus+

Autum 2024

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Sailing and theater arts

Voyage of the Senses

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