Gender equality through theater and arts

Calderone’s Youth Exchange Program in 2024

Calderone, an organization dedicated to promoting arts and culture, announcing a significant youth exchange program for 2024, fully funded by the European Union and Erasmus+ program.

The theme of this program is gender equality, with a focus on the arts, specifically in the field of theater. It aims to eliminate gender stereotypes, gender-based discrimination, and violence by emphasizing the power of art as a means of awareness and change.

The program is expected to take place in the autumn of 2024 in Athens, involving young people from five different countries: Greece, Romania, Turkey, Serbia, and Italy.

Anticipated to provide a unique opportunity for individuals aged 18-29 to collaborate, learn, and create together, the initiative strengthens understanding and cooperation among different cultures.

Details regarding participation conditions and program content are expected to be released soon. This effort represents a step towards creating a more equitable and cohesive world through the arts and youth involvement.