Sailing and Theater Arts

sailing and theater arts

Voyage of the Sences

Dear Adventurous Souls,

Embark on an unparalleled 10-day journey of artistic exploration and maritime adventure with Calderone’s Sailing and Physical Theater Residency, blending the realms of Sailing and Theater Arts. Led by stage director, actress, and acting instructor Mary Maragoudaki, this unique expedition offers a transformative experience where creativity knows no bounds. Join like-minded individuals from around the globe as we set sail to explore the enchanting landscapes of Andros, Gyaros, Syros, Delos, and Tinos. Immerse yourself in daily reflections, collaborative workshops, and the creation of a final performance, culminating in a celebration with the local community upon our return. Whether you’re an experienced sailor, a passionate performer, or a creative soul seeking new horizons, this journey promises to ignite your spirit and leave an indelible mark on your artistic journey.

Sailing and Theater arts

What to Expect:

🌊 Sailing and Exploration: Embark on an unforgettable journey starting from Andros, Gyaros, Syros, Delos, and Tinos. Explore secluded beaches, tranquil coves, and revel in nights beneath the celestial canopy – an enchanting fusion of sailing bliss.

🎭 Theater Arts Workshop: Immerse yourself in a bespoke theater arts workshop. Utilize your physicality to articulate your innermost self, drawing inspiration from our odyssey. It’s an opportunity to craft art amidst the ocean’s embrace. Facilitated by Mary Maragoudaki.

🤝 Co-Living and Co-Creation: Together, we’ll shoulder the responsibilities of our vessel, forging a collective living space. Each individual contributes to cultivating a harmonious atmosphere, both in navigating the seas and in theatrical endeavors.

🗣 Expression and Presence: Acquire the skills of performance art to articulate ideas and sentiments. Forge connections with fellow voyagers through shared endeavors, dialogues, and joint ventures – seamlessly merging the realms of sailing and theater arts.

🔄 Daily Reflection and Enrichment: Our daily gatherings serve as a forum for introspection and growth. Here, we exchange insights and ideas, ensuring every participant is integral to our voyage, enriching both the sailing and theatrical journey.

Voyage of the Senses

Join us for an extraordinary 10-day expedition combining the enchantment of physical theater with the thrill of sailing. Led by stage director, actress, and acting instructor Mary Maragoudaki, immerse yourself in a transformative journey where creativity knows no bounds.

🌟 Experience:

  • Craft a final performance amidst the stunning landscapes of Andros, Gyaros, Syros, Delos, and Tinos.
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals from around the globe, passionate about art, adventure, and exploration.
  • Engage in daily reflections and enrichment sessions, fostering personal and artistic growth.
  • Connect with artists of all backgrounds, exchanging techniques and acting methods to unlock your potential.
  • Sail across pristine waters, embracing the beauty of the islands. Suitable for both experienced sailors and those with a love for sailing, as well as beginners who will have the opportunity to learn and experience the joys of sailing firsthand.

🎭 Live Performance Outcome:

  • Present your final performance to a live audience upon returning to Andros Island, showcasing the culmination of your artistic journey. Join us for a celebration with the local community after the performance!

📅 Dates: 07.07.2024-16.07.2024
📍 Embarkation & Disembarkation: Andros Island

Limited spots available (3-7 persons) – Reserve your place now for an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and artistic expression!

🌟 Who Can Participate?

  • Artists: Expand your creative horizons, whether you’re a painter, sculptor, writer, or any other type of artist.
  • Performers: Join us in exploring the intersection of physical theater and sailing, whether you’re an actor, dancer, musician, or performer of any kind.
  • Creative Individuals: No previous experience in the arts? No problem! If you possess a passion for creativity and adventure, you’ll find inspiration and guidance on this transformative journey.

How to Join:

Ready for this adventure? Fill out the form, and we’ll get in touch to secure your spot in this extraordinary sailing and theater arts journey.

Let the sea, the islands, and the art of theater be your guides on this transformative trip.

Fair winds and creative tides.


duration 10 overnights

Dates: 07.07.2024-16.07.2024

embarkation port: Andros
disembarkation port: Andros

price: 1200€/person or 1000€/person sharing a cabin

includes: boat expenses, fuel, water, food on board, port fees.

for 3-7 persons +skipper, +workshop host.

See the boat here: Lafri

How to Apply

If you’re interested in joining this adventure, please fill out this form Application form. Once submitted, we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

If you need more details, feel free to ask by email or whatsapp (scroll at the end of this page)


To secure your spot on the trip, a 40% deposit is required. The remaining balance is due by the start date, 7/7/2024. You can pay by card or by transferring to Calderone’s bank account.